nice to have

By paulvanloo | October 9th, 2007 | 8:19 am

It would be nice if there would be a setting ‘Minimize to systray on exit’ on the control center, so you could ‘close’ the window in the upper right corner with the red exit-button instead of using the menu.

2 Responses to “nice to have”

  1. Jeff Newman
    Oct 09, 2007

    I can click the red cross in the top right corner of the Control Panel window and will do just what you want, minimize to the systray area.

  2. paulvanloo
    Oct 09, 2007

    Strange, I tried it several times and each time the icon in the systray disappeared.
    Rebooted my PC and tried again; now it works the way it should indeed. Probably some other problem on my PC that caused this…

    Sorry for the wrong posting :-(