Version 4 Beta Program Period Extended

By Andrey Zarudnev | November 11th, 2009 | 11:01 am

As you may probably noticed we have extended the Beta Program for another month and it is now expected to end on December 1st. An additional month was added due to the new functionality featured that was not originally planned—automatic configuration wizard that will help you to detect all available devices and create a recommended cache configuration based on the device performance.

My Beta license already expired. What should I do?

Latest version 4 builds already has an extended Beta license valid till December 1st. If you were beta testing version 4 from the beginning then please update your license with the following data:

[ Please check for a new license data ]

Thank you very much for all your help in testing our new functionality.

P.S. Please stay tuned for a soon to be released new build with fixes of issues found in the automatic configuration.

One Response to “Version 4 Beta Program Period Extended”

  1. zPedro
    Nov 21, 2009

    Hello Andrey! I’m testing (since yesterday) the new beta 4 and I must say it’s all working marvellously! I was using Pro 3.0.1 build 498 with unmanaged ram accessed with RamDisk Plus 9.0. I could create a 767MB ram disk. eBoostr allocated about a 756MB cache size. The system was working fine except that the shutdown time increased considerably because I think it was saving an image of the ramdisk at shutdown. Now after removing that ramdisk I began using eBoostr unmanaged memory and the program says it’s detecting and using 1023MB (my laptop has 4GB ram and is working with Vista SP2 Home Premium 32 bits). The laptop is shuting down without any delays. Everything is working fine and I have, once more, to congratulate you and also thank you very much for your fantastic work.
    Just one detail: clicking in “configure”, in “advanced memory cache”, we can read the following: “4140 MB available of 4093 MB total (1023 MB unmanaged)”!!!
    I would like to suggest you to invite for testing those who have been testing prior beta versions. I came here by chance just because I have a doubt concerning eBoostr exclusion list.
    Greetings from Portugal!