eBoostr invites you to evaluate upcoming release of the new version 4 by participating in our public beta program

Version 4 Public Beta Program is Now Open Closed

Hidden memory available on a 8GB machine with Windows 7 system

By participating in eBoostr beta program you will have the opportunity not just to test our product, but to provide feedback directly to our development staff for changes to program behavior and feature requests.

A long-awaited exciting new feature in version 4 allows you to use memory above the limitation of the Windows 32-bit operating system to speed up your PC.

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Use hidden system memory for caching

Overcome Windows 32 bit limits and use your full amount of RAM

Version 4 allows you to create cache in an unmanaged memory which is unavailable to Windows 32-bit system.

Windows does not see memory over 4 GB and even more it usually can not use memory above ~3.25 GB. eBoostr utilizes all this otherwise wasted memory for SuperFetch-like caching and effectively boosts your PC performance.

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What’s new?

Redesigned cache configuration

Cache configuration redesignComplete cache configuration flow re-design allows you to manage and configure all your devices including cache file resize with easy one-step procedure.

Windows 7 support

UAC issues fixedSmoother cache location and naming handling eliminate Vista and 7 UAC notifications as well automatically handles dual-boot or multi-boot configurations.

More to follow

New functionality will be featured as we will progress towards the release and finish its development, including:

  • optional cache contents encryption;
  • flash memory use speed improvements (especially USB flash drives and SSD);
  • and more…

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How to Join Beta Program?

eBoostr version 4 is currently in public beta and welcomes anyone to join and share feedback. Beta version installation file is available for free download without any registration. If you'd like to join Beta community and submit feedback and suggestion you have to register.

Please note that new version contains some experimental code so we recommend you to check for additional instructions before downloading and installing version 4.