Hmmm. something is amiss in here!!…

By jujdred | April 19th, 2010 | 4:39 pm

I just finished my system upgrad from a socket 939 single core with 2gigs ram and a decent USB drive, on which eboostr worked well.
3 Days ago I finalized my appropriations of my Quad Core socket 775 rig with 4gigs on MSI P45 Diamond mobo.
First 2 days were fine with minor annoyances with BIOS updates and a little known fact that MSI P45 Diamond is not compatable with geforce 9800gtx without BIOS 1.4. Once that was taken care of I proceeded to install my favorite app ever, eboostr.

All went well, for about 10 minutes. Then my system locked and I could do NOTHING to retrieve it. Not even the power switch would function. Simply frozen in time.
Repeated several times with same results.
Systematically began disabling apps and services until I was down to an idle RAM usage of 158mb with 0 cpu activity and only eboostr running. All seemed fine until I opened up my google chrome based Comodo Dragon web client.
One page was fine. 2 was great. 3, well, something began to get ‘slugish’. at 4 I was feelin queezy, and on the 5th page at about 5 seconds it locked up again.

the problem is that it locks up at a point that is not recoverable fro some reason. No event log. No crash report. Nothing.

It has been suggested to reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate from scratch and I will do so now.
Just wanted to get this in here before I fry my system

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