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Not building cache with SD and System Memory

By Federico Alvarez | December 3rd, 2008 |

Problem: Not building cache with SD+System Memory Steps to reproduce: Add cache device: SD 1.9Gb (actually a 2Gb card, 1.9Gb available) Add cache device: System Memory 512Mb (up to 2Gb) Build cache reaches 49% and displays “System not working”, inmediatelly changes to “Paused”. (May be “System not working” is not the exact message, it changes […]

Application Error

By rjbanker | October 31st, 2007 |

After I downloaded the installer for RC, I upgraded from beta4 and rebooted the computer. After the reboot ebooster loaded fine but I checked the menu bar options to ensure they worked correctly. When I clicked the “Check for updates…” button under “Help”, the application errored and closed out. I started ebooster again and clicked […]