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Minimum Cache Size

By Colonel ONeill | February 6th, 2009 |

For whatever reason, I found an ancient 64MB USB flash drive. And in attempting to use it with eBoostr, the program indicated that there was 61MB of free space on the drive. And the minimum is 64MB. Woot. Is there an ini or registry entry I can add/change to allow caches below 64MB? Yes I […]

first run

By artamir | October 4th, 2007 |

ASUS A4K, mobile workstation: athlon Xp 3200+, hd IDE 80 gb, 2 gb ram kingston, usb 2.0, pendrive 4 gb transcend jfv30 usb 2.0, WinXP professional, Firefox internet browser Favorite apps: graphics, CAD, CAS, office, games… … installation: OK …caching: OK …running: OK i have some questions: can i change the cache size of an […]