Frequently Asked Questions

Beta Program Related

Q: What do I have to do to beta test?
A: To beta test, you install the software, use it, and then provide comments through surveys, Beta forums and the Beta Feedback blog, and write bug reports. When you find bugs, you will be asked to submit logs and detailed information about the circumstances under which the bug occurred. Sometimes, we will contact you by e-mail for additional information.

Q: I have participated in your previous Beta Programs. Do I need to register again?
A: No, you registration is valid for current public beta program. Please sign-in using the login form. You can reset your password if you do not remember it.

Product Related

Q: Can I use USB 1.1 port with your software?
A: No. USB port version 1.1 is very slow. Your computer performance may strongly decrease.

Q: How can I detect if I have USB 2.0 available?
A: If you have Windows Vista installed chances that you have USB 2.0 are 99.99% Please check this article to detect if your system has USB 2 for Windows XP and other previous versions.

Q: Is it possible to use Intel Turbo Memory with eBoostr on Windows XP?
A: No, unfortunately eBoostr does not support Intel Turbo Memory on any Windows version prior to Vista. Intel Turbo Memory is supported only on Windows Vista.

Q: Do you have a time line for when Intel Turbo Memory is going to be supported on Windows XP with this program?
A: No, we do not have any exact plans. Actually our developers already made a research and found out that this is impossible until Intel will release a driver or at least an API to use this device.

Q: Can eBoostr use the extra RAM beyond the 3.25GB limit on a 4GB or 8GB Windows XP 32 bit system?
A: Yes, new version 4 allows you to use this memory for caching.

Cache related

Q: What is the recommended cache size? Does it depend on the amount of RAM?
A: No, the recommended cache size does not depend on the amount of RAM you have installed. The recommended size is 1-2GB. If you have many applications installed (especially big software packages like Adobe) we recommend you to increase the cache size to 4GB or more.

Q: What file system NTFS, exFAT or FAT32 is it better to use for the USB flash drives or memory cards with eBoostr?
A: There is no difference in terms of performance between FAT32, exFAT and NTFS formatted drives. If your thumb drive is less or equal to 4GB we recommend using FAT32. Use exFAT (recommended) or NTFS if you want the cache file sized more than 4GB (make sure that the drive has a good write speed, otherwise disable the “write-cache” option for this drive to prevent “Windows Delayed Write Failed” errors.)

Q: How do I format my flash drive to exFAT file system?
A: exFAT (a.k.a. FAT64) native support is added in the Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1. You can add support for exFAT on Windows XP by installing a hotfix from Microsoft.

Q: How do I format my USB flash drive or memory card to NTFS file system?
A: Please check the following article. Important! To remove a device safely and prevent data loss you should always use Safely Remove Hardware or Eject function in Windows Explorer or eBoostr Control Panel (right-click on the device and select the Eject menu option.)