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Cache is not recognized until the flash drive is accessed

By fehmi | September 13th, 2009 |

http://beta.eboostr.com/blog/feedback/cache-is-not-recognized-until-the-flash-drive-is-accessed/ Already posted the issue on the thread above for eBoostr 3.0.and it still persists in v4.0. On every boot of the computer, the eBoostr control panel shows that no cache drives are active until I launch My Computer for the first time. I am pretty sure that eBoostr is not functioning as I neither […]

Couple of bugs in v3

By fastest963 | October 29th, 2008 |

I commented this on the Version 3 post, however it didn’t seem to go through? Here it is again: I would just like to say that the application priority window takes a long time to load (almost 2 minutes). Does it parse through the Start Menu? Also, if you add a cache to a flash […]

Defrag and the Flash Drive

By GlennPorter | October 16th, 2007 |

This is a question rather than feedback.    I think Beta 3 rules.   All my programs seem to startup much faster since I added the 2GB flash drive to my 2GB of RAM, but I wonder if I would further improve my speed by running Defrag on the Flash Drive?   I don’t want to ruin what […]