Is Trial Extension 15-day or 5- Day?

By Bunji94 | March 26th, 2010 | 9:07 am

I withdraw my RFC regarding Trial Mode’s questionable behavior after expiration, since RC can be extended for a certain period after rebooting PC per flash 1000 and as I physically confirmed.  Now, question is “15 days” or “5 days” extension?  While the first pop-up shows  “15 days” extension, the control panel shows “5 days”.  Is it a typo which happened on either of the interface?  No information has been provided for a while.  Could you please provide a little bit more information for the RC testers ….   Please ….      [Bunji94 from Japan]

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  1. Andrey Zarudnev
    Mar 26, 2010

    Extension is 5 days actually in the test version. Sorry, I’ve forgot to mention.

  2. Bunji94
    Mar 26, 2010

    Thank you, Andrey. Okay, I keep testing Build 553 for another 4.5 days. So far, it’s working very good without encountering problems, no conflict with Google IME anymore. Cache hit ratio remains a high level with my two USB flash memory devices (4GB + 2GB) and 200MB RAM allocated for eBoostr, enhancing my old XP3 PC’s performance as well as speeding up applications, particularly MS Office applications (2003). Though, there are still some problems posted on the Forum, for some of which I may have chances to test during 4.5 days …. Thank you, again, for your response. [Bunji94 from Japan]

  3. Bunji94
    Apr 01, 2010

    My installed RC (Build 553) trial period expired today, as the clock correctly counted down 5 days, not 15 :-) This time, I did not use the hibernation. Well, then, what is next? Release or another extension? Please let the participated testers know what the next will be, in a timely manner ….

    By the way, I have a question regarding member profile. I recently noticed that in the bottom of my profile page there is new entry showing “Additional capabilities” and says “receive_unlimited_license”. If it grants my unlimited license, I sincerely appreciate it was given to me under eBoostr Beta Program participation, in consideration of my some activities. The question is I do not know how the license, if given, does works Please respond to my question via either e-mail or post on the blog. Thank you. [Bunji94 from Japan]

  4. flash1000
    Apr 01, 2010


    I believe you read my new post on Blog. This time, I tested “hibernation” on my Netbook, and the behavior appears the same as your previous one.

    By the way, what are you talking about your profile? I checked mine, but I do not find “Additional capabilities” or “receive_unlimited_license”.

    Many of us testers become nervous when the license expires. This means that eBoostr is good that much. And for sure, I am the one of those.

    Well, I will wait to see how it is gonna be.
    It was a nice experience for me testing eBoostr with you all.


    • Bunji94
      Apr 03, 2010

      [Let’s have 5 more days testing for the time being.]

      flash 1000,

      I uninstalled RC and reinstalled it with Promo Code. Promo Code can still be used with RC. Now, eBoostr is running and can be tested for another 5 days. There is no announcement from eBoostr. None of us knows if Ver 4 is released and when?????

  5. flash1000
    Apr 03, 2010


    Thank you. I could extend mine, too.
    I had to remove all cache and the application data when I uninstall eBoostr. Otherwise, the promo screen does not show up.