eBoostr Version 4 Beta Program

The purpose of our Public Beta Program is to gather broad customer feedback before a product is released. The public betas are available to anyone who is interested in testing our software and providing feedback to our development team. Most active beta test members and bug reporters will receive a free license for the product.

The program is scheduled to run until November 1st. To help you spot issues, we’ll include suggestions about what to test in our regular posts in development blog.

Q: What do I have to do to beta test?

A: To beta test, you install the software, use it, and then provide comments through surveys, Beta forums and the Beta Feedback blog, and write bug reports. When you find bugs, you will be asked to submit logs and detailed information about the circumstances under which the bug occurred. Sometimes, we will contact you by e-mail for additional information.

Please note that this version contains an experimental code to operate with unmanaged memory that may be incompatible with some of your software or hardware installed.

Please make sure that you have enabled the “Kernel Memory Dump” option on system failure.

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