Annoyingly caching stuff I’m working on

By jon21 | October 9th, 2007 | 9:00 am

I do a fair bit of web design and coding, and I was dismayed to find that I could not view my changes in my popular web browser, firefox. I am attributing this problem to eBoostr caching a version of my site when I open it from my local web server, in the form of apache2triad, and view it. When I make a few changes in Dreamweaver, I can’t view them, as a quick look at the source code of the page shows that the page being viewed is a previous, probably cached, version of the page. If I wasn’t using constantly changing php scripted pages, I’d probably just live with it, but as it stands I’m a bit stuck and the only solution I see would be disabling eBoostr when I use php, which is a shame, as I’ve definitely noticed a slight increase in performance.


4 Responses to “Annoyingly caching stuff I’m working on”

  1. Andrew Zarudnev
    Oct 09, 2007

    Can you please check if everything will be working if you remove the memory stick from the port without disabling eBoostr?

  2. fastest963
    Oct 09, 2007

    When does eBoostr check or receive file updates for its cached files??

  3. Ilya Elenik
    Oct 09, 2007

    fastest963 Cache is automatically updated with the new files every hour. Modified files marked as deleted at the moment of modification. At the every open operation eBoostr checks file attributes.

  4. jon21
    Oct 10, 2007

    I tried just yanking the memory stick, and that worked, but eBoostr didn’t alert me that it had gone; it just continued as if nothing had happened. On closer inspection, eBoostr was found to have realised, but I’m still a little concerned about not telling me the caching was interrupted. Not sure how that helps though.