Beta 547, conflict with Google Japanese IME

By Bunji94 | February 22nd, 2010 | 2:19 am

I’m a Japanese eBoostr Beta tester. Yesterday, I installed Google Japanese IME (beta, released by Google on 3 Dec 09) in my PC (Win XP3). After rebooting the PC, eBoostr Icon in the task tray was working (meter was working) but no right nor left click can be made on the icon. I rebooted the PC but nothing was changed. I terminated eBootr on the Task Manager and reactivated it from the start menu bar. eBoostr appeared on the task tray and then it allowed me right/left clicking on the icon. I had to do this all the time. I removed the Google Japanese IME and then the problem was resolved. After that, I reinstalled the Google Japanese IME, same thing happened again. What I reported here could be the matter of Google, but it is still the conflict between the eBoostr and the Google. Since the eBoostr are now popular in Japan as well the Google Japanese IME will become popular in Japan, I am afraid that the Japanese eBosstr users will be encountered with the problem I reported here. I believe no one of Japanese has reported this yet. eBoostr developer team, please examine the conflict and fix it.


4 Responses to “Beta 547, conflict with Google Japanese IME”

  1. Sugar
    Feb 22, 2010

    Same thing happened on my Win XP SP3. Yet, Google Japanese IME is a great tool, it converts alphabet into Japanese character exactly what I wanted most of the time.

  2. flash1000
    Feb 23, 2010

    Well, I do not encounter such trouble, yet. I am testing Beta 4 build 547 on MSI netbook (Win XP SP3), and Google Japanese IME ( is also installed.
    It is clear that some application or service is bothering you, but it may not be simply the Google Japanese IME. On my netbook, not so many applications are installed, but I found 154 applications (including Windows update, hot fixes, and security patches) and 28 start up entries. I will keep my eye on this issue during this beta test, and I will report it if I find something wrong.

    • flash1000
      Mar 15, 2010

      As I wrote above, I do not have the problem on my MSI Netbook even after upgrade to Buld 551. However, I encountered a similar trouble when I installed Google IME on my desktop (WinXP Home SP3/Core2Quad Q6600 3GB RAM). On my case, drwatson.exe takes snapshot at the XP start-up and hang up. The log says the application error at dbghelp.dll. I attempted to fix the conflict by terminating eBoostr as Bunji94 wrote, but it did not work for me. During my troubleshooting, I found that my PC simply did not accept Google IME, regardless of eBoostr.

  3. Bunji94
    Mar 22, 2010

    Sugar and flash100,

    Thank you for the comments for the same problem you people experienced. Well, I started up a new thread for this issue under the Forum at , please take a look at it and could you please put your comments on how it looks like now. Do you still have the same problem after installing Build 553 or what?

    Wish you have a change to see this post ….. (From Bunji94, with a sincere appreciation.)