Multiple Blue Screens of Death …

By SugarHooves | December 30th, 2008 | 4:00 pm


Using Build 782. Very happy with increases in speed and freeing up of computer resources. I wanted to make sure I could narrow down as best as I could that eBoostr appears responsible for these BSODs since installing Build 782.

Have Intel 2.13 Mhz DuoCore with 2 Gb on board RAM and 2 8Gb flash drive sticks dedicated to eBoostr.

Got two BLODs with ‘win32k.sys error on different days after installing Build 782.  Did not relate that to eBoostr since I had had some previous video card problems that I had solved. Then yesterday got a BSOD with the following:


Stop: 0x0000008B (oxCoooooo5, 0x805551AEZ, 0x9cce0BA4, oxooooooo)


Web searches blamed bad RAM cards and suggested memory diagnostic test. I stalled, not wanting to have to replace a RAM card during holidays.

Then, last night got a BSOD with the following:


Stop: 0x0000008E (0xc0000005, 0xBF80c061, 0x9EE00910, 0x0000000)

Win32k.sys address BF80c061 base at BF800000, Date Stamp 48ce513A


Okay, now with the above 2 BSOD messages appearing at the same time and web searches still focusing on RAM cards as the problem, I caved in. stability. I downloaded and used Microsoft’s Windows Memory Diagnostic and after 5 passes, no error in the RAM cards were found.

I can only suggest that something in eBoostr Build 782 is the cause.

Ideas?  Suggestions?

Let me know what I might be missing.




4 Responses to “Multiple Blue Screens of Death …”

  1. Colonel ONeill
    Dec 30, 2008

    I have been experiencing BSODs at boot recently involving
    PFN list corrupt
    Page fault in non paged area

    Only after adding my second internal HDD as a cache device. Deleting the cache file (eboostr.dat) in safe mode allowed me to boot.

    Try using another computer and rename the cache file (so you don’t lose it) and not using physical devices.

  2. SugarHooves
    Dec 30, 2008


    Thanks for the suggestions. Similar challenge, but different symptoms.


  3. Ilya Elenik
    Jan 07, 2009

    May be we can get some information from dump files. If you have one here is more info:

  4. SugarHooves
    Jan 07, 2009


    Thanks for the idea … will do.

    Hopefully I may have ‘solved’ the problem by setting ‘hardware acceleration’ to ‘none.’ I have not had a BSOD for the last 24 hours. Also, and I wonder if it even matters, but in the Bios I increased the AGP setting from 128mb to match the 256Mb of my ATI Radeon x1050 video card. I am beginning to think that my upgrade of the Beta to the latest version was just coincident to my continued use of more graphics, such as charts, graphs, videos, etc.

    We’ll see.

    I’ve made a note to let you know if there is no BSOD after 7 days. If sooner than 7 days, you will receive the memory.dmp file.