Announcing Version 4 Beta

By Andrey Zarudnev | September 1st, 2009 | 1:05 pm

We are pleased to announce the public beta of eBoostr version 4. The program is scheduled to run until November 1st. As usual the most active beta test members and bug reporters will receive a free license for the product.

What’s new in version 4?

Use hidden system memory for caching

Overcome Windows 32 bit limits and use your full amount of RAM

The main new feature of this version is an ability to directly use “unmanaged” system memory to cache you files. eBoostr overcomes Windows 32-bit system limitation and can utilize hidden memory above ~3.25 GB limit.

Redesigned cache configuration

Another major new feature is a complete cache configuration flow re-design. Now you can manage and configure all your cache devices, cache file sizes (including quick resize) with an easy one-step procedure.

Hidden memory available on a 8GB machine with Windows 7 system

More updates to follow

There are still some new functionality in development that will be featured in the next Beta version update releases, including:

  • optional cache contents encryption;
  • flash memory use speed improvements (especially USB flash drives and SSD);
  • and more…

We invite you to evaluate upcoming release of the new version 4