2.0 Rel 417 with Windows 2000

By BEParkerVA | April 18th, 2008 | 2:32 pm

Just upgraded to release 417 and note my computer VIRTUALLY NEVER stops rebuilding cache and rarely shows the correct percent full indication.  If it finishes rebuilding cache, it only lasts until I pause my work then starts AGAIN, to rebuild.  It spends more time rebuilding that it does working between rebuilds.

As far as working with Windows 2000, Release 417 appears to be a step backwards in functionality.

Update 4/19/08 – I totally uninstalled 417, reinstalled 416, it worked well, it autoupdated itself to 417, and has been working fine.  Maybe there were some old artifacts causing the problems.  I’ll run  this for a while and update any further situations.


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