486beta: problems with Systray-Icon

By jschling | January 17th, 2009 | 6:35 am

Upgrade from 484 to 486 was successfull, no problems.

But after booting my computer I noticed, that the eBoostr Systray-Icon has no tooltip anymore and does not react on left or right (double-) click.
It is possible to start eBoostr Control Panel from Windows startmenu or a similar shortcut on the Desktop and the Control Panel, once shown, works correct.
Using File > Minimize to Tray closes the eBoostr Control Panel but still leave the systray icon without function. Closing Control Panel (File > Exit) also closes the systray-icon. Restarting Control Panel and minimizing it shows again the systray-icon which is working correct now and has also a tooltip.

I rebooted several time: from starting up my PC  5 times the systray icon is “not working” about 3 times.

But the systray-icon animation works always, even if I cannot open the Control Panel and get no tooltip, the icon still shows the load status as usual.

WinXPsp3 on AthlonXP3200/1,5GB DDR-Ram with NVidia Geforce 7600GS AGP-card using Nvidia driver version from 5th December 2007 (I do not like the newer Nvidia drivers which do not have the option to display overlay windows (videos) on the 2nd monitor (TV) by default, thats why I still use the old driver)


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