A few bugs and doubts

By dexter | April 5th, 2008 | 8:17 am

1) Removable drives are always being shown as “(Inactive)”, and the overall cache/disk hit ratio remains at 0% too. Tried with different removable drives and ports, but to no effect.

2) Edit -> “Stop caching” menu item doesn’t grey out or change to “Start caching” when clicked. Also, both the caching menu items remain enabled even if there are no cache devices present.

3)  “Random read speed:” never displays anything. Am I missing something here? I ran “Check speed” and eBoostrMeasure.exe but it never showed me anything

4) “Power save mode” menu item is checked by default even if eBoostr is installed on a Desktop computer. Shouldn’t eBoostr check if for a portable computer first before enabling that menu item?

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