Build 543 : Automatic Configuration fixes

By Andrey Zarudnev | November 12th, 2009 | 1:23 pm

First introduction of the auto configuration wizard spotted many issues and strange results in it. Thank you for all your reports–most of the errors are now fixed in the new build 543. In addition this new build does not require Administrative privileges on Windows Vista and 7 anymore.

  • Finally 64 bit native version is here

    Installation file contains both 32 and 64 bit binaries and installs the needed one during the installation process.

  • Special fail-safe mode

    If your computer was not restarted normally using “Restart” or “Shutdown” Windows option (for example in case of BSOD or system freeze) the next time Windows loads eBoostr does not activate caches. They will remain inactive until you click “Restart caching”. This feature was added to prevent infinite reboots in case of a problem with unmanaged RAM.

eBoostr Beta 543 (5173 downloads)

Please note! There are no any changes in the unmanaged memory handling code in this build, thus if you had issues before–this build won’t help yet.

eBoostr Beta 539 (3080 downloads)

5 Responses to “Build 543 : Automatic Configuration fixes”

  1. freddy67
    Nov 13, 2009


    Upgraded to 543 from 539 & all was well until I came to shutdown pc, windows closed as normal but pc kept running. After each reboot windows would shut down on it’s own & pc would keep running, uninstalled in safe mode & did a fresh install, no problems since.


    Nov 14, 2009

    Installed 543 on Dell Precision T3400 Windows 7 64bit. Unable to reboot. Unable to reboot in safe mode. Computer ran self repair for about 1.5 hours and then rebooted successfully. I will wait for another release addressing this before trying again.

  3. freddy67
    Nov 17, 2009


    I tested using more than 1023mb of unmanaged (1280mb tested of 1289mb found), system crashed as with previous versions, the auto config 1023mb seems to be the cut off point.


  4. Robert Persons
    Nov 19, 2009

    I originally posted this on the general forum, but later realized that it should have been posted here:

    The Fail Safe Mode is a great improvement for initial testings, but it needs to be improved for regular use.

    Today my PC froze due to a problem unrelated to eBoostr. After it rebooted I was focused on other issues, and it took me over 15 minutes to notice that eBoostr was not caching. I only noticed the yellow system tray icon (instead of green) by accident. Although technically oriented people (and eBoostr beta testers in particular) will notice the paused caching, non-technical users might not notice at all … and some might not know how to turn it back on. We need to recognise that PC’s will regularly crash for reasons that have nothing to do with eBoostr.

    I suggest that we should look at one of two improvements:

    1) Make the Fail Safe Mode an option that can be turned on and off. So it can be turned on for initial configuration and testing, then turned off.

    2) Implement a way for caching to restart automatically if the system is booting sucessfully. Perhaps it would restart caching after one sucessful reboot, plus ten minutes (which would give one enought time to change the configuration is eBoostr had caused the crash or freeze.)

    I’m in favor of some way of automatic restart on sucessful booting, so that the user doesn’t have to think about it when the PC has it’s regular, occasional crashes.

    At least we should have a setting in the settings.ini to disable Fail Safe Mode after initial configuration.

  5. msilva
    Nov 26, 2009


    Version 543 has been working very well on my Toshiba Satelite U-400 12E the only problem a have is that E-boostr keeps telling me that the license Key will expire in four days from today.
    Is there a license key I should use to solve this?