Building Cache request

By sirmerlin860 | January 8th, 2009 | 2:21 am

i was watching the cache being built on my rater large slow usb drives… and a question came to mind.

if the total available ram allocated is duplicated 4 times over the available devices.. why not do 4 writes

at a time.. one to each associated drive/card/etc?

this would greatly increase the cpu and hd load but for a much faster setup of the ram.

possabilities: “standard caching” or “quadro-caching”

is this possible/already implamented?


One Response to “Building Cache request”

  1. Ilya Elenik
    Jan 08, 2009

    It is an interesting idea. One problem I see here is a case if initial content of usb drives is different. But may be we will try to implement it in the future