Cache sizing

By artamir | October 5th, 2007 | 4:48 am

ASUS A4K, mobile workstation: athlon Xp 3200+, hd IDE 80 gb, 2 gb ram kingston, usb 2.0, pendrive 4 gb transcend jfv30 usb 2.0, WinXP professional, Firefox internet browser

I Have a question. I can see on the control panel a “total file size in cache” bar. I think it’s a “fuel bar”. Is it right?

What if this bar is full? Maybe i need more cache?

So i increased my cache size from 1 to 2 Gb. Then, i used 3/4 of 2 Gb. Now i have a cache of 3 Gb. It’s full!!! Can i take it to 4 Gb (the pendrive capacity)? Have i to buy an 8 Gb pen????

Are two 4 Gb pen better than one 8 Gb single pen? Is it the same? With two pens, i can take one for its normal use…

I could take one 4 gb pen to eBoostr, and the other one half reserved for eBoostr, then the remaining space to my move-data use.

2 Responses to “Cache sizing”

  1. Louie
    Oct 05, 2007

    Too much cache might even slow you down.

  2. Ilya Elenik
    Oct 05, 2007

    Our tests shows, that 2 USB drives is faster than one. Huge cache size can slow down system only in case of two-speed USB drives (some times first 128MB of flash memory is much faster than the rest).

    The maximum cache size in the current version is 4GB