Cache Viewer Suggestion

By sailorsonic | December 9th, 2008 | 3:11 am

I have a suggestion, can you add to the cache viewer a way to add exceptions easily? I often view the cache and when I find something I do not want cached it takes forever to make that excempt.
A right click command like add to excempt, or a do not cache, with the option to be the folder path (to be able to edit the path would be great too), file or file ext would make it the program so much more user friendly


3 Responses to “Cache Viewer Suggestion”

  1. Cosmin
    Dec 09, 2008

    i submit to that.
    i would be nice to have a contextual menu with:
    – exclude file
    – exculde mask
    – exclude path

  2. billy
    Dec 09, 2008

    I agree that would be a good feature.

  3. Andrew Zarudnev
    Dec 10, 2008

    Thanks for your suggestions. We will add these in the next release.