eBoostr and Defrag: Terrifying Issue

By Eklok88 | January 31st, 2009 | 6:30 am

I am a Beta tester from Italy (so, soory for my written errors)

I use eBoostr 3 Beta b.490 with a 4 gb Sd hc card on my Vista home premium Pc.

Last week I defragged my Hd system partiton (C:) and data (D:) with a Pirisoft tool called DEFRAGGLER (very good & fast), after I restarted my Pc windows had many errors and issues ( I couldn’t open any program, services couldn’t load, no restore point because of error 0x81000202, my Pc was totally locked and even the safe mode couldn’t do much).

Fixed: I Noticed that many of the problems were regarding the eBoostr accelerated programs and windows services so i thought maybe the OS copied part of those files in the Sd card and they loaded with eBoostr, BUT i defragged C: and D: not H: (the sd card) so those files were moved in the System C: due to the defrag process and maybe lost corresponding links and position in the H: sd card.

I turned off the pc, removed the sd card, restarted without the sd, everything was OK!
Finally I just inserted the sd, cleared it and made a new Cache process in eBoostr… :D
It’s fine now, but i’ll always remove te sd and turn off eBoostr while defragging.

Ciao, Marco.


2 Responses to “eBoostr and Defrag: Terrifying Issue”

  1. Andrey Zarudnev
    Feb 10, 2009

    Seems that you’ve got your cache contents on the SD card somehow corrupted. Not sure if Defraggler is the reason we’ve tested it here (I have it on my desktop also and never had any issues).

    When you performed defragmentation, did you leave your computer? May be an automatic cache rebuild started at the same time… OK, we will try to reproduce such situation. Thanks.

  2. Eklok88
    Feb 10, 2009

    Yes, obviusly I left the Pc, I couldn’t sit and wait for hours.It could be that the automatic cache rebuild started when I wasn’t there, ah, by the way I also remember that AVG Internet security was automatically scanning the whole system at the time…