photoshop freezed on starting

By artamir | October 9th, 2007 | 2:55 am

ASUS A4K, mobile workstation: athlon Xp 3200+, hd IDE 80 gb, 2 gb ram kingston, usb 2.0, pendrive 4 gb transcend jfv30 usb 2.0, WinXP professional, Firefox internet browser, eBoostr beta2 with 2048 Mb cache

…sometimes Adobe photoshop doesn’t start. it stays freezed on the starting screen. i have to stop it by the task manager and try again. i have other problems like this with other applications, but it’s not the same in a session. sometimes outlook goes wrong, sometimes is msn, sometimes is photoshop. some ideas?

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One Response to “photoshop freezed on starting”

  1. Andrew Zarudnev
    Oct 09, 2007

    Please try the BETA 3 version, there were some changes that may probably fix your issues.