Posting Stable system, build 490 Vista Ultimate SP1

By Tom | January 26th, 2009 | 10:11 am

Continued on with testing now on build 490, on my portable desktop replacement (overgrown laptop) with stable system.

My system:

HP P4 3.4 GHz Intel chip

2 gig ram,

128 meg video,

250 gig WD 5400Rpm

Several external DVD and HDD ranging from 250 gig to 750 gig.

Orginally running XP media center with sp3, have a fully upgraded Vista Ultimate SP1.

 Is a very good machine and I have no major issues or problems in system just push it very hard.

 OK,  I have tested using a Compact Flash 8 gig card, (in a HIGHSPEED  32bit card bus reader) and a 2 gig high speed SD card on the build in a reader.  Current set up is build 490 beta, using one 4 gig sony usb drive.

Without actually testing numbers, system is very stable, and most noticed on shut down.

Previous build (and ver 2) would sometime hang on driver shut down.

Only question, Current build is set to license exprie 1 FEB, are we ready or pusing this for more testing.

Love this program and recommend it to everyone.

Thanks Thomas


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