system crash, MSN Messenger and Outlook Express failure

By artamir | October 5th, 2007 | 10:11 am

4.45 pm

I tried to install other cache on a 256 mb SD. It seems to be very very slow; the usb 2.0 is very much faster. I think the process is complete. By the SD seems to be so slow, i want to remove it. So i do. Something going wrong. Maybe the process was still running when i deleted the SD cache from the control panel? MSN Live messenger crash!

4.55 pm

MSN Live Messenger doesn’t run. I have to install it again. I restart the PC.

5.00 pm

Outlook express shuts down 2 or 3 seconds after the program starts. I’ve run the Outlook again, and again it crashed. eBoostr doesn’t start itself. There is no way to start eBoostr. I uninstall it and i install it again. I restart the PC as required.
eBoostr create the cache again. Everything seems to be ok.

I start Outlook. Outlook crashes down. Then the system crashed itself. For a while i saw a blue screen, reporting a memory problem. Now the system restarted, but the avast antivirus is disabled, and i can’t enable it. Outlook runs. There are no other troubles, at the time.

I try to restart again the WinXP.

5.10 pm

I restarted the WinXp. After the starting usual black WinXP screen, nothing happens. I restart the PC 3 times by the On/Off button. Then, I had the dos WinXP emergency start menu. I’ve choosen the last working saved configuration. The system has been taken to the pre-eboostr configuration that i saved yesterday. Now the system runs, outlook runs and everything seems to be ok. I’m very disappointed. I had the cache size set to 3 gb. Some ideas? What do i have to do now?

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4 Responses to “system crash, MSN Messenger and Outlook Express failure”

  1. Andrew Zarudnev
    Oct 05, 2007

    Do you have a memory dump enabled on the system failure?
    ( Right click “My computer”, Properties, Advanced, Startup and recovery “Settings” )

    If you have a “small memory dump” or “kernel dump” option enabled, than please find the file “memory.dmp” in the windows system32 folder, zip it and mail to

    Mikei may probably comment on this, but as far as I know there are some problems with card readers and incorrectly removed devices.

    I think that you should now check if you have the file “eboostr.dat” (the cache file) on you SD card then delete it, and try to install eBoostr again. Please note that file has hidden, system attributes.

  2. Andrew Zarudnev
    Oct 08, 2007

    Thank you for sending the memory dump.

    The crash happened, because you did not remove the card safely and the system was still trying to access it (in BETA 3 there will be some changes that will try to prevent it). Thus the cache file became corrupted and later it was stored with your new installation.

  3. artamir
    Oct 08, 2007

    I have a problem. I restored the Win to the pre-eboostr installation. All worked well. So i installed ebootr. Since this moment, ebootr didn’t work as the first time, before the system crash and restoration happened.

    Here what happens.
    ebootr is installed correctly. a 3gb cache is made and filled. system restarts, and: AVAST antivirus is not active or activable. the system appears to be slow. i restart again and ebootr doesn’t start. there are no way to start it.
    i unistall ebootr, then reinstall it. a 2 gb cache is created. all seems to work finely.
    a friend of mine has the same pc and is testing ebootr too. He uses a 3gb cache file like i made before my crash, an everything works well. why? can’t i use a 3 o 4 gb cache? do you need a list of my application or everything other?

    now ebootr works with a 2 gb cache file. i’ll wait for the beta 3 to try a 3 gb file again.

    thank you for help and congratulations

  4. Andrew Zarudnev
    Oct 09, 2007

    We have made some improvements in the core in case of the big cache file (more than 2 GB), please check the BETA 3. Hope this will fix all your issues.