Da Sites PWD STRENGTH rating Sys Needs SumWoyk;-)

By papaluv2000 | February 3rd, 2009 | 10:58 am

Had to say it!  THough I think it did improve from the 1st time I did some basic idiot proofing runs on it.   Like If I remember correctly any character repeated 8+ times would be “STRONG”, Now it takes 12+ chars,  i.e.,  id est,  1111 1111 =STRONG ,   but now it takes 1111 1111 1111 = “Strong Password”, or 123456789012…..

  • eBoostr is so Great that this is all the stoolpid crap I had to Biatch about today!
  • Well, that and my last post about crackers that are good friggin engineers, but dont give the developers or the product they release the “Marketing Push” that I strongly feel is owed them….if not bling then at least some ZING…ZING ….ZING……and  a chicken wing since ya swiped their lunch money ;-)
  • In Short “Scratch my back, I’ll Shave yours”  <insert wicked reetah-ded laugh here>

Bon Giorno,


Arriba arriba, andelay andelay  (hurry in spanish, yet slowit down in english, no wonder im weeToddid)

3 Responses to “Da Sites PWD STRENGTH rating Sys Needs SumWoyk;-)”

  1. Colonel ONeill
    Feb 03, 2009

    No offense, but could you attempt to keep your posts dignified?

  2. DieNasty
    Feb 03, 2009

    I am trying to make sense of this, but i guess i don’t use enough drugs for that …

  3. Andrey Zarudnev
    Feb 10, 2009

    Cool :)

    Password related things are built-in the CMS we are using (WordPress).