Build 553 : Release Candidate

By Andrey Zarudnev | March 19th, 2010 | 1:53 pm

Finally it is here! :) This is the last test build before the version 4 official release (ETA March 26th.)

The only change in it is the new time limited trial functionality and we ask you to test this new behavior. Please note that the test trial duration is 3 days and if you will use a promo code “11111-11111-11111-11111-11111” then you’ll get 5 days of evaluation.

This build finally completes all UI changes so we are ready to finalize all translations. Please check the following post if you’d like to join our translation team. Thank you.

eBoostr RC 553 (20385 downloads )

10 Responses to “Build 553 : Release Candidate”

  1. interfasys
    Mar 19, 2010

    Code was accepted, but I couldn’t find any information on when it would expire. could be useful to add to the about screen?

    • Bunji94
      Mar 19, 2010

      Please do this. Double click the Control Panel icon in the task tray; on the Control Panel, select Help > About > then, click “Update License”. eBoostr register pop-uo will appear. There, you will see how many days are left for evaluation. Good luck!

  2. Bunji94
    Mar 19, 2010

    Thank you, Andrey.

    I have just now installed the RC (Build 553) in my PC. Of course, I entered the promo code to make it 5-day evaluation. First interface of the software registration showed 2-hour clock, but after entering all required information with the promo code I noticed the time limitation are gone. I rebooted my PC. eBoostr Trial mode pop-up appeared but there is not time-limitation clock on the pop-up screen. Now, then, I start 5-day evaluation.

    [Google Japanese IME Issue] As previously reported, I was encountered with the problem between Google IME and eBoostr when I installed the Google’s. Then, I removed the Google IME. Now, I am try it again. Cause of the conflict is assumed to be most likely the Google side; however, please note that Google IME will become very popular in Japan same as the Chrome. At this point, only few Japanese eBoostr testers recognized the conflict. But, sooner or later, some sort of bug report will be submitted to the eBoostr Japan. I think the Japan is one of good market for; therefore, please pay some attention to the potential conflict between the Google and the eBoostr. Unfortunately, only few Japanese evaluation testers are seems to be participated in this program, and not many comments have been posted ….

    Thank you, again.

    Bunji94 from Japan.

  3. MacX1993M
    Mar 20, 2010

    Thank you!

  4. Luke
    Mar 22, 2010

    Thank you, Andrey. RC Installed Great and trial + promo code Worked OK…

  5. shigy21
    Mar 25, 2010

    I installed ver4RC-Build553 around 8p.m. Mar 20(JST). At this time, “promo code” was not used, and registered only by the e-mail address and the name.

    The following screens were displayed around 10a.m. Mar 24(JST).

    It became the following screens as a result of push the “Extend Trial” button on the above-mentioned screen.

    “promo code” has not been used up to now at all.
    Are these correct behavior?

    I’m sorry, I’m afraid you must be having a hard time understanding my poor English.

  6. shigy21
    Mar 29, 2010

    Sorry. The image was not displayed by the above-mentioned comment.

  7. shigy21
    Mar 30, 2010

    Please forgive the continuation report here.

    0a.m. Mar 31(JST) was passed.
    EBoostr works though five days or more passed from the above-mentioned report.
    I operated “Help→About→Update licence” from the control panel.
    As a result, the same screen (Register your copy) as the following reports by “Bunji94” was displayed.
    However, eBoostr cache seems to work.

    Next, PC was rebooted.
    As a result, the above-mentioned (Bunji94’s report) screen was automatically displayed.
    The eBoostr control panel seems not to start after shutting “Register your copy” screen. The eBoostr icon of Notification Area is not displayed, and “EBoostrCP.exe” is not displayed in the process of task manager either. However, EBstrSvc.exe operates. Cache seems to be effective as long as the behavior of PC is seen.

    It undertakes this test, and “promo code” is not used though it adds to make sure.


    I’m sorry, I’m afraid you must be having a hard time understanding my poor English.

    • Bunji94
      Apr 03, 2010


      I read your series of very interesting reports posted above. I think the most of testers installed RF with the Promo Code to avid annoying 2-hour limit and 3-day short period.

      Among such testers, your evaluation testing without the Promo Code is believed to be priceless, especially your posted screen shot . I think I’d better try your way to examine what will happen after hitting 15-day one-time extension button. I may do the test. Today, I uninstalled RC and reinstalled it with the Promo Code – now, I’m doing another 5-day testing. If I carefully read your report before my re-installation, I could do it without the Promo Code. I may do it when I have a chance …..

      One suggestion – you write a good English, so I believe you don’t need to be too humble. :-) [Bunji94 from Japan]

      • shigy21
        Apr 05, 2010


        Thank you for the comment.
        The pattern without “promo code” actually is tested again.(The second passes.)
        By the way, an initial screen immediately after the installation was a correct display by “You have 3 days of free evaluation left”.

        and… Thank you for the suggestion.
        I am not really good for English.
        I have been about 99 percent always indebted to “Translation site”. :’-(